How to combat drug trafficking globally?

By: Pablo Gabriel Miraglia

Combating drug trafficking globally requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses both the underlying causes and manifestations of the problem.

As effective measures we can mention the promotion of collaboration between countries to share information, coordinate operations and apply joint measures against drug trafficking organizations, support development programs that reduce poverty and provide economic opportunities, thus reducing the conditions conducive to participation in drug trafficking. , implement educational campaigns to raise awareness about the risks of drug use and promote prevention from an early age, strengthen government institutions, improve law enforcement and combat corruption to ensure an effective judicial system, focus on treatment and rehabilitation programs for people affected by drug consumption, considering the problem as a public health issue.

Likewise, the use of advanced technology and intelligence systems to track and dismantle drug trafficking networks, as well as to monitor the flow of drugs globally, along with working on international agreements and treaties that facilitate the pursuit of transnational criminals and the confiscation of assets related to drug trafficking are fundamental issues for obtaining positive results

It is essential that these measures are implemented in a coordinated and sustainable manner globally to effectively address this scourge.