Protest art on the rubble to remember the tragedy in Gaza


The cold figures of the war in Gaza are converted by the young artist Amal Abu Al-Sabah into a painting on the ruins of the bombings in Rafah, in which she captures the tragedy suffered by the Palestinian Strip due to Israel's military offensive. "We continue to resist and we are not going to lose our passion," this 26-year-old Gazan woman tells EFE about the piece of wall she is painting in the city of Rafah, in the south of the coastal enclave. CONTAINS IMAGES OF THE MURAL MADE BY THE ARTIST AMAL ABU AL-SABAH ABOUT THE RUINS OF THE BOMBING IN RAFAH, GAZA. INCLUDES STATEMENTS FROM THE ARTIST. TOTAL TRANSLATION: Amal Abu Al-Sabah, Artist: "As artists we transmit our messages. We continue to resist and we will not lose our passion. For me colors have a value, that's why I wore my color palette the same as my clothes and anything valuable on the way out of my house. We take advantage of the unfavorable circumstances to express what we have inside (of the heart) and we try to overcome these obstacles by expressing them artistically, just as we transmit a message to anyone who does not show sympathy or support with our people".

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Rafah (Gaza), 3 ene (EFE).- (Image: Anas Baba)