IAPA repudiates espionage of journalists in Peru


The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) repudiated the espionage of journalists in Peru, ordered by the authority of the Public Ministry with the intention of criminalizing the press, according to reports published in local media.

The president of the IAPA, Roberto Rock, condemned the espionage against journalists and stated that this practice "puts the work of the media at risk and compromises their sources of information." Rock, from La Silla Rota, in Mexico, urged the authorities to "investigate, identify and punish those responsible for this order that threatens press freedom."

The journalist and editor of the newspaper La República, César Romero and his family, and the columnist and director of the Sudaca web portal, Juan Carlos Tafur, were under investigation, video surveillance and police monitoring between April 5 and November 23.

.Crédito: Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios