Nicolás Descalzo “Always, you think what you think, Argentina first, that is our task”


From RPD Radio and RPD Noticias we are proud to report that we have begun covering the activities of the Argentine Delegation that attends the 2024 World Youth Festival in Russia.

We will have testimonies from several of the young people who make up the delegation. We are very excited about this coverage and we greatly value the effort of the Russian Federation in holding such an important event that allows our young people to get to know one of the countries that is the cradle of pillars of literature, music, arts, development and sciences. of the world.

RPD Radio and RPD Noticias also begin their year dedicated to Russia in March from their studios in Oberá, the national capital of Immigrants, and from the headquarters of the correspondent in the City of

Buenos Aires.

We spoke for #PrimeraMañana on #RPDRadio with Nicolás Descalzo, one of the members of the Argentine Delegation that will attend the 2024 World Youth Festival in the Federal Territory of Sirius, Russia.

Nicolás is a member of the Compañeros Group of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and is one of the nearly ninety participants who will represent our country in Sochi. This event is an initiative of the Russian Government, whose main objective is to foster relationships between young people from all over the world.

"It is a very broad, very diverse festival, which convenes and brings together people, young people from different spaces, areas and specialties. And in my case, well I represent the most political part and the commitment to what has to do with social matters. It is what involves me and makes me participate in this World Youth Meeting" Nico Descalzo tells us.

The World Youth Festival has been held in Russia for many years, and in which delegations from Argentina, Brazil, and from all over Latin America and the world have also participated several times.

There are ten thousand participants who come from outside the limits of the Russian Federation, and a total of twenty thousand young people are expected to share this experience.

In the case of Nicolás, he told us that together with his partner Dante they will bring as contributions "Two very important causes for Argentina, both that in Argentine history had and have because they are past, present and future. I am talking specifically about the Malvinas and also about the cause of Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, which has to do with the policies of Memory, Truth and Justice. In that sense, these days we share very nice meetings together with Taty Almeida, mother of Plaza de Mayo and together with César Trejo, a former combatant soldier from Malvinas"

He also added that "It is a cause that remains alive and that will continue to remain so. As for us young people, let us give it the importance it has not only at the national level but also at the international level. I think it is important that issues of international relevance such as the Malvinas and Memory, Truth and Justice for Argentina, which is a reference in matters of human rights, we can maintain and take to new places, to new spaces where we are called upon. And then In that sense we carry material that has to do with the Malvinas and we also carry the handkerchief that Taty Almeida gave us, which the truth is that allows me to say that it was an honor that she gave something as representative and with such great historical weight as a handkerchief. of mothers of Plaza de Mayo. So we are going with those two causes among many others, to represent the country."