International Cooperation Project on school inclusion


Within the framework of the Program to Support Training and Research in International Cooperation (PREFALC), professors Daniel Niclot and Aurore Promonet, members of the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA) and the University of Lorraine (UL), visited UNSAM. respectively, to carry out a work day with HD authorities and researchers. The activity was organized by the Human Sciences Research Laboratory (LICH-EH_UNSAM-CONICET) with the presence of teachers, researchers and students from the School of Humanities to carry out academic exchanges on school integration.

At the beginning of the Conference, the discussion "Policies and practices of inclusion: a state of the art" was held in which Daniel Niclot, from the Reims Champagne Ardenne University, gave the talk "Inclusion, an ambiguous and controversial but socially positive concept ". For her part, Aurore Promonet, from the University of Lorraine, referred to the successful experience of inclusive pedagogy in a primary school in France.

The Dean of the EH, Silvia Bernatené, the Academic Secretary, Ayelén Luna and the director of the Faculty of Letters, Gustavo Bombini and students of the Psychopedagogy career of the EH participated in the activity. Then an exchange took place with LICH researchers, Virginia Unamuno, coordinator of the Center for Language Studies in Society (CELES), Patricia Vila and Julieta Armella from the Center for Studies of Inequalities, Subjects and Institutions (CEDESI).

"I think these meetings and the strengthening of international collaboration are very important. We have exchanged students and teachers, and the network already has five workbooks that are the result of colloquiums and research involving these universities," says the director. from LICH Silvia Grinberg. "This dialogue between researchers from different universities allows for more complex and richer perspectives on the production of knowledge on social and educational problems."

The PREFALC is a university cooperation program that aims to develop exchanges and training opportunities between French, Latin American and/or Caribbean higher education institutions and has financed, since 2014, joint training activities with the National University of San Martín and the Pedagogical University National (UNIPE) and the French universities of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA) and the University of Lorraine (UL).

In this framework, the space for exchange and dialogue was reinforced for a cooperation project between UNSAM and the University of Reims (2023-2025) focused on writing practices in teacher training for professional development from an inclusive approach.

Source: National University of San Martín.