Meeting of Foreign Minister Diana Mondino with the Ambassador of Armenia


Foreign Minister Diana Mondino held a meeting yesterday afternoon with the Ambassador of Armenia, Hovhannes Virabyan.

Both officials highlighted the richness of the bilateral relationship, based especially on the importance of the Armenian community in our country and Argentine investments in Armenia. They agreed on the growth potential of commercial exchanges, to strengthen which they committed to working together.

Chancellor Mondino referred to Argentine interest in opening up to the world and highlighted the importance given to all countries as potential partners. He underlined the existence of cultural coincidences and shared values ​​with Armenia and the great possibilities of joint work between both countries.

For his part, Ambassador Virabyan expressed the need to achieve greater mutual knowledge between businessmen of both countries as a means to give greater impetus to bilateral trade and highlighted the importance of Armenia as a gateway to the markets of the Caucasus.

The Armenian community in Argentina is the largest in Latin America, with around one hundred and twenty thousand members. It is an active and organized community that has numerous institutions that seek to preserve its traditions and culture.

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