Mission and objetives

  • Create an area to develop commercial intelligence diagnoses to identify niches for commercial insertion.
  • Train and include representatives of the ministries in key embassies so that they are close to the development points of the activities of their specific areas.
  • Take ideas and diplomatic programs already used by our country, adapt to the current reality or generate new programs. One of them may be to resume the activity of Workers' Delegates in the embassies in search of what Perón defined as "people-to-people contact that is not achieved with the stuffy functioning of the Argentine Foreign Ministry."
  • Create an index of Argentine Presence in the World Media that identifies the main media where news about our country is published and expose in those editions the Argentine vision and point of view in the published matters.
  • It is a Diffuse and Holistic War that encompasses all possible alterations in all areas of life, this includes within the strategies of attack on Nations, the Economic War, the Media War, the Cyber ​​War, the War on Social Networks, the attack on State Institutions, Political Leadership, cultural values, ethical and moral principles, constituting total devastation to the society of the countries that need to be dominated.
  • Activate an area that is alert and activates the necessary tools to counteract the actions of Cognitive Warfare, a war doctrine adopted by NATO at the request of the United Kingdom and the United States, which is the Sixth Generation War Doctrine that is based on a "Doctrine of Permanent and Integral War" by which there is no time or space that delimits the scenarios of war. Interacting with the Ministry of Defense and the forces that protect our borders.
  • Create an area that protects what we can call "Computer Sovereignty", the right of our people to have access to their data, have control over its collection and free access to the appropriate tools for its management. Guarantee internet access throughout the national territory and the implementation, together with the ministries of Science and Technology and Defense, of the necessary tools to protect and prevent external attacks on government sites and companies and individuals located in our territory.
  • Articulate with provincial and municipal governments in order to provide practical tools and resources that allow state managers and also professionals in general to develop their own internationalization plans or projects in order to export local goods and services.