CEPCI - Center for Studies for International Cooperation

From Argentina in pursuit of global cooperative integration.

In the globalized era in which we live, international cooperation is presented as a fundamental pillar for the sustainable development and progress of societies and becomes essential to address cross-border problems. Countries collaborate in areas such as trade, security, health and the environment to seize opportunities and address shared challenges.

Organizations such as the UN, WHO and trade agreements facilitate this cooperation. However, there are also tensions and challenges, as national interests can clash with the need to work together. The ability of countries to coordinate and find common solutions becomes crucial.

In this context, our study center emerges as a beacon of knowledge and collaboration, committed to training individuals capable of addressing global challenges with an intercultural perspective, being a dynamic learning space, fostering mutual understanding and the construction of a more inclusive and equitable world.

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Latest articles

Today, Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios, president of our center, has been honored with the "Saint George Ribbon" in recognition of his outstanding work as a "Friend of the Russian Federation." This distinction was bestowed within the commemoration of Victory Day, an event convened by the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in...

In a continent marked by political turmoil and social unrest, the story of Somaliland emerges as a beacon of hope in the darkness. Since its declaration of independence in 1991, this region has defied expectations, establishing a republican and democratic system that stands as a model for the African continent and beyond.

In the complicated tapestry of the Middle East, threads of history, religion and politics intertwine in a plot that has challenged peace and stability in the region for decades. Among the most debated and passionately defended are territorial claims, particularly between Jews and Palestinians, whose ties to the land date back to ancient times,...