Distinction with the Saint George Ribbon for our president


Today, Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios, president of our center, has been honored with the "Saint George Ribbon" in recognition of his outstanding work as a "Friend of the Russian Federation." This distinction was bestowed within the commemoration of Victory Day, an event convened by the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots in Argentina.

Victory Day marks the end of one of humanity's most devastating conflicts, which took place between 1939 and 1945. The USSR played a crucial role in the defeat of Nazi Germany, sacrificing between 27 and 30 million lives for the sake of peace and freedom (1941-1945). This date not only celebrates the bravery of Soviet soldiers but also the resilience of the Soviet people against the oppression of fascism.

The commemoration ceremony included the Immortal Regiment March, a civilian commemorative parade originated in Tomsk, Russian Federation in 2012, to honor fallen soldiers and veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Since 2014, the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian Compatriots residing in Argentina has held this march annually.

During the event, participants marched with a replica of the standard that flew over the Reichstag, singing songs in honor of the fallen. Subsequently, they proceeded to the Monument to the Fallen in Malvinas, where a minute of silence was observed. Filmmaker Silvana Jarmoluk, president of the Coordinating Council, read a document and the list of endorsing organizations, among which our organization stood out with the signatures of our president and secretary. Finally, the event concluded with patriotic chants at the Monument to General San Martín.

This distinction is a well-deserved recognition of Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios' dedication and commitment to promoting friendship ties between Argentina and the Russian Federation.