Argentine Cooperation


Argentine development cooperation includes, on the one hand, a bilateral dimension (that is, with different countries) and, on the other hand, a multilateral dimension (with international organizations and in multilateral forums).

Within the framework of bilateral cooperation, strategies are formulated and technical and scientific-technological cooperation relations between Argentina and the countries are coordinated. Cooperation at the bilateral level is a tool for joint development with our partners, as well as a window of opportunities to make Argentine capabilities visible at a global level. Argentina's bilateral cooperation policy is aimed at strengthening the relationship between the countries, articulating the resources of international cooperation, in its different modalities (North-South, South-South, Triangular and Decentralized), with national interests and priorities.

Through bilateral cooperation programs and projects, our country is positioned as a relevant actor in international cooperation within the framework of the implementation of the 2030 Development Agenda. Through association with other States, triangular cooperation is promoted, which allows Argentina will multiply its impact with the countries with which it cooperates, while facilitating the expansion of its cooperation to other regions.

To carry out the South-South cooperation strategy, the National Directorate of International Cooperation (DNCIN) has had a strategic instrument since 1992: the Argentine Fund for International Cooperation (FO.AR).

In the multilateral sphere, for its part, it seeks to attract international cooperation for development to our country and position Argentina as a relevant actor in multilateral forums on the subject in regard to the process of formation of concepts, practices and institutions. . In this way, our country promotes the strengthening of international cooperation as an integral part of its foreign policy, understanding it as a key means to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.