Gilma Camargo “It took us 28 years of fighting against the United States Government”


From "Cronistas de Nuestro Tiempo" they conducted an interview with Dr. Gilma Gloria Camargo from Panama, she is a Human and International Rights lawyer in favor of the people.

She was born in Panama, descendant of a Colonense mother and grandmother, great-grandmother of Palenque Cartagena, Warrior of Palenque Curundú, defender of the victims of the invasion of Panama, lawyer of the peoples fighting for their self-determination.

He kindly assisted them, and the reason for it was to remember a sad date for all of Latin America, for humanity as well, which is the invasion that the United States carried out on December 20, 1989 to our brother country of Panama.

From Buenos Aires, our President, Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios, spoke with Dr. Camargo to remember those tragic events that happened in the Central American country.

For her part, Gilma Gloria Camargo was grateful to be able to speak to the Great Homeland and tell it about the most difficult and bloodiest moment in the history of Panama, that December 20, 1989 with the largest number of troops deployed by the United States. since the Vietnam War.

Font: RPD Noticias - RPD Radio 97.5 - Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios