Pan-Africanists in Spain denounce harassment and racism of black migrants


Bilbao. -The World Pan-Africanist Organization (OPAM-WOPO)/OPDH and the National and International Council of Popular Communication (CONAICOP) have publicly expressed their solidarity with the human rights defender Diallo Ablaye, president of the Pan-African Observatory of Human Rights (OPDH). , given the alleged violations of their human rights by the Spanish Executive Branch.

According to the information provided, Diallo Ablaye is in Bilbao with his family for professional reasons, and they have reported that they have been subjected to harassment, assault, intimidation, death threats by fascist groups, as well as denial of justice and illegal retention of documents over several years.

Since the intensification of Diallo Ablaye's professional activity in defense of African migrants, the complainant organizations allege an increase in racist, xenophobic and negrophobic attacks against him. OPAM-WOPO demands that the Spanish Government and the Basque authorities, under the leadership of the PNV and BILDU, immediately cease any hostility and respect the principles established in the Charter of the United Nations in relation to human rights. The organizations have expressed their concern about what they consider to be behavior contrary to the Spanish rule of law, allegedly allowing police agents and elements to intimidate people legally present in the Spanish State to silence voices critical of Pan-Africanism.

Given what has been considered a lack of equitable and impartial procedural guarantees in Spain, the World Pan Africanist Organization reserves the right, in legitimate defense of its members, to undertake international judicial actions to ensure justice and respect for both the rights humans of Diallo Ablaye and his family, as well as African men and women in general.

Font: Los Ángeles Press