For the second consecutive year, in 2023 Vietnam was the main destination for Argentina's grain and by-product exports


As a client of the agribusiness sector, it once again surpassed China. Furthermore, together with other Asian destinations such as Malaysia, South Korea and Indonesia, its purchases from the country's first category of foreign sales triple sales to the Asian giant.

In 2023, 55.9 million tons of agroindustrial products were shipped from Argentina. Vietnam stood out as the largest recipient of all shipments, maintaining first place for the second consecutive year, according to a report from the Rosario Stock Exchange.

Half (50%) of shipments of grains, by-products and oils were destined for Asia last year. They were followed in importance by America (24%), Europe (12%), Africa (12%) and, finally, Oceania (2%).

Por. Dr. Fèlix Daniel Barrios