An unforgivable and unjustifiable genocide.

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Isn't this also a holocaust?
Or are there first and second class holocausts?
By Pablo Gabriel Miraglia

Gazais a cemetery for boys and girls. Israel murders one every ten minutes Since October 8, more than 10,000 minors have died in the Gaza Strip after incessant and merciless bombings of Israelis at will. Unicef ​​has denounced that Gaza has become "a cemetery for thousands of children" and "a hell for everyone else."

The attacks of the State of Israel kill 140 boys and girls a day, one every ten minutes, in the Gaza Strip. This is the barbarity displayed by the bombings and the Israeli ground attack and it is evident that for the Israeli government and its people who support it in this genocide, Jewish lives are worth much more than others.

At one time there was talk of the proportionality of the attack. Obviously, in a defensive incursion this is impossible to measure in the heat of the armed struggle, but given the results after three months of operations, it is evident that Israel's deliberate action is genocide and the expulsion of the Palestinians from the enclave, without also forgetting the murders in the West Bank and Lebanon, intruding and invading foreign territories as if the Israelis were not responsible, to their extent, for the historical conflict in the region. Did they ever stop to think that just as there are anti-Zionists and anti-Semites, they have become the same with the Palestinian people and with anyone who deigns to criticize their position in any order? Any criticism already turns us into anti-Semites who hate the Jewish people, but we critics are not the ones who invade, intrude, murder children. We only try to look objectively at the conflict without demagoguery. But anti-Semitic demagoguery pays more and better, it is fashionable. It seems that fascism is fashionable to cancel those who think differently with the nickname anti-Semite, ad nauseam.

UN Secretary General António Guterres, that "no one is safe" in Gaza. He said the Gaza Strip is "becoming a graveyard for children" and hundreds of children are reportedly killed or injured every day, he said.

The Palestinians who do not die from bombings, white phosphorus or the ground incursion itself, are surviving in inhumane conditions since since October 11, Gaza has been subject to a cut of electricity and fuel supplies. The blockade reached a point where it is practically impossible to get drinking water and bread. Displaced families are bombed in their shelters or on the way to them. With what law?

Just two weeks ago the organization Save the Children reported that a child is murdered every fifteen minutes in Palestine. Today this figure increases, as a result of the even more brutal offensive against the Palestinian population. "The children are not safe anywhere." According to data indicated by the international association, four out of every five children suffer from mental health problems and they make up more than 10,000 of the more than 23,000 deaths in the enclave.

On the other hand, anti-Zionist Jews in different parts of the world say "Not in our name" and some incipient actions by workers or activist organizations seek to prevent ships or shipments of weapons from reaching Israel, as was seen last week in the ports of Belgium. and in Oakland in California.

The lack of a place to take refuge, the impunity to leave a restricted space and the escalating violence of the war conflict are the causes of the high number of minors who have died or been seriously injured. In this sense, the Gaza Strip is witness to the devastating consequences of a war, of a genocide of the child population.

According to the testimonies of the doctors who see their bodies face to face, the injuries are really serious and they assure that "they change their lives completely, they can lose arms, or legs, organs, and they will have to live with these damaged bodies for the rest of their lives." lives, needing medical attention and rehabilitation. Children are more exposed to burns, their skin is thinner, they have less blood and their bones are not strong enough to withstand the impact of explosions."

The regional director of UNICEF, Adele Khodr, stated that "the situation in the Gaza Strip is, increasingly, a stain on our collective conscience" and demanded that "the killing and mutilation of children, the abduction of minors, the attacks to hospitals and schools, and the denial of access to humanitarian aid are serious violations of children's rights. Along these lines, the transnational entity reported that "UNICEF makes an urgent call to all parties to agree to a ceasefire, allow access to humanitarian aid and release all hostages. Even in war there are rules, we must protect civilians, especially children, and do everything possible to prevent their suffering in any circumstance." It is evident that Israel does not care. Israel complains about the same thing it expresses: hatred and contempt for every life. An opinion in light of the facts of a person who will be called an anti-Semitic, even if he is not.