Silvana Jarmoluk “We consider that the recent election in Russia was legitimate and democratic, reflecting the renewed confidence of the Russian people in their country”


Yesterday in the City of Buenos Aires, in a show of solidarity and respect for the victims of the recent attack in Russia, the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian compatriots in Argentina called for a commemorative event. Silvana Jarmoluk, representative of the council, shared details about this call.

Various organizations and people came together to pay tribute and express solidarity for the victims of the recent attack on Russian territory. "We call as the Coordinating Council of Organizations of Russian compatriots in Argentina all organizations and people of good will to join our human declaration," said Jarmoluk. In total, 45 Argentine organizations participated along with their own, representing a broad display of solidarity and support.

The event took place on Monday at 5:00 p.m., in a gesture that sought to honor the victims of the attack in Russia while respecting the national commemoration of Remembrance Day in Argentina, which took place on March 24. "It was an important and emotional moment, where approximately 40 people each represented their organization," he added.

During the event, a document was read that expressed feelings of solidarity and condolences towards the victims and their families. In addition, a minute of silence was held in his honor, followed by the laying of flowers as a symbol of respect and memory.

The statement issued during the event reflects the commitment of these organizations to peace, tolerance and respect for human life. "It is important to keep the memory of these tragedies alive and work together to build a more just and safe world for everyone," concludes Jarmoluk.

He also mentioned his support for Russia's decision of the Special Operation "We believe that the election that was made in Russia was correct, it was democratic and that it is the result of the return of the Russian people's belief in their own nation. That "It is the most important thing, because not only did they vote for a man, they voted for a man who proposed a program until 2030."

By: Dr. Félix Daniel Barrios